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Featured Elements

Colorful Pipes

Art is filled with phases of evolution and technology is simply one more.

Art's Unending Journey

There is no such thing as an original work. All artistic work is a shared and collective creative endeavor.

The Hypocrisy of Art Comdemning AI

Sustainability is a great factor in the use of digital creation. While issues regarding digital sustainability are not resolved, when one door closes, another one opens.  Nevertheless, reduction in waste is still evident in materials and the beauty of  these creations can be seen by all almost instantaneously.


Blue Eyeshadow Powder

The offerings made available to the artistic community have made many over the moon with joy and there is reason to be.

Over the Moon

We look toward the new and emerging artists in the digital and design worlds who are and remain uncompromising to their art and are therefore labeled as pioneers.


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